CLAP Legacy

CLAP ‐ Centre for Learning and Advanced Practice is the leader in 'Career Mapping and Employability Quotient Development' since its inception as a learning and development arm of Next Best Solutions Pvt.Ltd. CLAP has emerged as the only 'world record holding' career mapping company ‐ globally with two patented assessment tools.

CLAP supports more than 1,30,000 students across India and abroad in choosing and moulding themselves to be the best fit for the industry. CLAP unique ideology is to train the ecosystem rather than training just the individual, as the ecosystem provides the space for the individual to implement the learning. So CLAP follows a 360 degree learning & development mechanism to develop a professional out of an individual.

CLAP ‐ with the expertise of more than 2 Lac training hours of grooming global professional, has started CLAP international School of Business (CLAP ISB) which offers a high value oriented MBA programme with a strong focus to chisel out the global professional from an individual.

This is a place where "aspiration meets excellence!"