"CLAP International School of Business will be the refined and re-defined way of management education!"

Refine: CLAP International School of Business will be positioned as a top notch management learning centre through the refined content, delivery mechanism and practice. The model refines the knowledge acquisition mechanism through active discovery model where the student will be an active participant in the process rather than a class – room listener.

Re – define: CLAP International School of Business re –define the way management education is being delivered through various interventions. We integrate the stand alone academic delivery points to understand the practical implementation. We re – define the way the students are selected where we are looking to mould those were made to believe as ‘average’. We re-define the way employability is enhanced in an individual.


"CLAP is committed to create self-reliant professionals who are focused, achievement motivated and value oriented. Each word in the mission reflects the passion which drives CLAP. The words are kept with a focus to achieve through process orientation."


Our value system is engraved in our DNA and which is reflected from the student acquisition to transformation process. Our values are


We want all our MBA programme participants to be the contributor to social development. We strictly follow and 'Inclusive Management Educational Model' where the students will be actively participating in economic development of bottom of the pyramid.


For us every day is a learning process. The academic delivery process is designed in such a way that, the MBA participant has to actively participate in the knowledge acquisition process through research, collaborative study, focus group, co-teaching, internships and capstone projects.


We believe in re-discovering!. There will definitely be a next best alternative way to do things as 'Normal' become 'New Normal' every day. We motivate the individual on product and process innovation. They learn through 'Active discovery'.


We integrate the value derived from our heritage. Indianness doesnot believe in boundaries and the basic mantra is 'Loko Samasatha Sukhino Bhavandhu' (Let happiness, peace and prosperity be everywhere in the world!!) Indianness is all about respecting each other, collaborate and co-exist. Indianness is not about religion, its all about understanding the divinity within.

Ethics & Integrity

We strongly inculcate ethics and integrity as an attitude and behaviour. We strongly believe the role of ethics and integrity in business as society and its people are the key stake holders of any business entity. We teach, practice and inculcate ethics and integrity.