Article in Indian Express Kochi on 15 May 2018

Article in Indian Express Kochi on 15 May 2018

Ms. Swati Bondia, Founder, CLA ISB

We are happy to share the article published in Indian Express -Kochi on 15-05-2018 about our founder Ms. Swati Bondia.

she is just 26, but is already the owner of four organisations, a social worker and motivational speaker with multiple awards to her credit.
Swati Bondia, Bengaluru-based entrepreneur, who will be visiting the city to take a career guidance session speaks about her journey and What inspired her to turn into full-fledged social work.

"My family is my biggest inspiration. They have always encouraged me to a socially committed citizen. My grandmother used to say that when you take something from society, it is your duty to return it in double, said the Odisha native.

Her om Shanti Traders trains underprivileged couples in handicrafts and provides education to their children for 14 years. "We find beggars from the streets of Karnataka, train them and sell the products they made to corporates. thereby providing them a livelihood", she said.

Swati and her team also own a library in Odisha and conducts a career mapping programme named CLAP (Centre for Learning and Advanced Practice). "During a visit to Kochi, a student explained his story of failing in the medical exam for the fifth time. He said he was interested in fashion designing and not medicine. This in turn, inspired me to take career mapping seriously," Swati said.

In this programme, she pointed out that they try to bridge the gap between parents and children While discussing the latter's career plans inspire them to follow what they wish to in life. She frequently visits various States to take career guidance sesions attended by school and college students have and even corporates. More than 1.5 lakh students have benefitted  from this progamme, she said.

Swathi, an MBA degree holder herself, is also the owner of CLAP ISB (International School Of Business), an MBA college, She Said the college has a tie-up With the Malaysian government, thereby providing students international exposure.

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"Many top global companies have Indians at the top management level, our institute tries to mentor and develop skills to develop top-class business leaders," said Swathi In the session to be held in Kochi, classes on leadership skills Will also be covered along with social entrepreneurship.

Swati represented India at the Top Outstanding Young Personality or the World 2016 in by Junior Chamber International, US. From winning the best entrepreneur award by Wadhvani Foundation this year to a speciaI honour at the Gujarat Law Univarsity for community service, among various other national and international honours, she is proving that there is no stopping her aspirations and services. "My dream is to extend my work across the nation and make more people benefit from it," she said.

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