Challenging the Change

Challenging the Change


The Writer Is An Academic Trainer And Is The Executive Vice President ( Learningand Development) Of CLAP International Business School

Article by our respected Executive Vice President Mr.Manoj Govind in today's Indian Express. A must read for those who aspire to be a global professional!

In the name of providing 'wholistic' skills to students, colleges across the country are creating a temporary fix for students to pass the placement assessments. Manoj Govind reveals the approach needed to revamp the education system in the changing times.

Our educational arena is undergoing a tremendous change, with the focus largely on students. Our young generation needs to be raised in such a manner that they need to ask themselves: “Am 1 ready to challenge the change?” Education is reforming from the platform of  knowledge gathering to applied knowledge. The technological
advancement has made knowledge gathering very easy. But, what is lacking is skill application. Scoring high marks is not a herculean task
any more for students. The university certificate will give them an edge to get a place for the interview.

The critical area is whether he or she is good at knowing their own strengths and weaknessess. Apart from these, what matters most today is evaluating a student's 'emotional resistance.‘ The 'emotional-resistancequotient' decides how good they are in differentiating between reacting and responding. They should understand that argument leads to prove 'I am right,‘ but discussion leads to find out 'what is truth.‘ For all these, our millennials need a verge in decision making.

Mastering the art of bringing the mind to the present along with negotiation skills, presentation skills and platform skills are all crucial. The reflection of these skills can be measured in one’s interpersonal communication skills. The strength of the person is not indulging in a heroic act but the ability to analyse the risks involved and the outcome of the act.

Sensitivity is an important strength that companies look for. Our university curriculum may not change and equip their students to live up to the speed of current challenges. A deliberate, ongoing and constant intervention from the institution's side will bring a solution to this. A serious discussion and deliberation have to be initiated by the placement cells of colleges on the subject of 'employment eligibility' with HR heads of different companies. Understanding a corporate need and equipping the students is essential. Unfortunately, most of the colleges are making temporary fixes and camouflaging the reality during the time of external placements. Skill enhancement is an ongoing process, not a quick fix to meet the current need.

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The solution is to create a parallel system that can measure the effectiveness of this. This should be integrated with the internal assessment using measurable and quantifiable methods. The teaching methodology needs corrective measures as well. The report from reputed organisations like ASSOCHAM clearly shows a majority of our freshers are rejected by the mainstream organisations because they do not feel worthiness in the candidates. Instead of professional assertiveness students reflect selfishness and aggressive nature in their character. Individually, youth should apply some serious thoughts regarding what motivates them. Is it power? Is it money? Is it position? Is it recognition?Is it social commitments? or entirely something else. A clear decision gives a specific vision towards life itself.

Students must work on it them selves. Nothing happens on its own way but they have to make it happen. Students should be aware of the changes happening around them.

Today’s youth should understand the science behind the strategic thinking. They need to shred out the shrouds of peer pressure at the earliest. The transformation must ensure a straightforward attitude towards a career. Whatever position one may hold in the future, the key learnings must ensure that values and ethics in business are not compromised. Companies all over the world are giving more importance for integrity. In the selection process, less importance is given for academic excellence. Being natural helps one to get a green signal to pass through various stages in their career. This is applicable in all spheres of social and professional domains as well.

By hook or crook we may get an advantage but in the long run, sleepless nights cannot be compensated with a good bank balance. It is extremely relevant today to win the hearts of the people you engage in People like Mahatma Gandhi and Abdul Kalam lives in our hearts.Time can’t delete them. Education must create a path-maker, not just a follower.

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