Time with Corporate Heroes

CLAP Family

CLAP Family

Time With Corporate Heroes”….was really an experiential learning from the market leaders. This was conducted as the part of our CLAP curriculum.

The ambience of GW Marriot itself changed the conventional thinking among the students……from the campus to corporate world. The program was “ informally formal” .

Three seasoned corporate vertical heads were present for the session . Mr.Manish Michael , CEO of United Way Banglore( NGO with largest corpus with 130 years’ experience) and two vertical heads from Allstate Solutions Pvt Ltd. (Allstate ranks number 89 on the Fortune 500)  Mr.Gaurav Rajesha Hiremath , Head of HR Technology and Capt. Harikrishna Head of Learning & Leadership Development.

Each one of them delivered their personal experience in the corporate world.  The common message came from them that the current business world is not looking for top scorers but those who uphold values and human factor as their entry card.

The group divided into three clusters , each table was headed by one of the guests .This helped the students for a close interactions .

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  All our students were engaged in clarifying different questions regarding the various theories they have already gone through the part of curriculum .
After the session the students were so happy because they could understand the real pulses of the contemporary business world.
This event sharpened the focus of each students.

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