CLAP @ Jai Bharath college of Management and Engineering Technology

CLAP ISB, in a strategic association with Jai Bharath college of Management and Engineering Technology, Cochin provides the International and Global MBA programme at its 30 acre serene green campus near Perumbavoor. A decade long legacy of Jai Bharath college of Management and Engineering Technology is synergized with two lac hours of ‘creating professionals’ expertise of CLAP forms the most unique – world class MBA programme which can chisel the best out of an individual to make him/her a true management professional.

The MBA programme is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University and CLAP ISB enhanced the curriculum without disturbing the university requirements. This uniquely supports the student to identify himself as a true professional and learn through active discovery model. The sessions are provided in the state of the art infrastructure at CLAP ISB with all the international amenities at Jai Bharath Group of Institutions. This unique International & Global MBA Programme make the students employable and support them to climb the career ladder at a faster pace, still keeping the value, ethics and integrity which they imbibe at our campus.

About Jai Bharath college of Management and Engineering Technology

Jai Bharath College of Management and Engineering Technology is an institute committed to provide world-class career-oriented Education and Training. Eduacation at Jai Bharath is about belonging to a college that strives for excellence in teaching & learning, research and community service. It is about having exceptional facilities and faculty that stand behind its students. It is about achieving a rich and balanced teaching experience, inside and outside the classroom.

The Institute is committed to maintain a position at the forefront of knowledge, graduate the most talented and qualified professionals in the region who are capable of playing an active role in the continuing development of their chosen profession and supporting the needs of the local industry and society. Over the years, Jai Bharath Educational Foundation has become one of the leading promoters of academic institutions in the country under the vision and guidance of eminent personalities from different walks of life and under the leadership of honourable chaiman Mr.A M Kharim.


"To achieve excellence in technical education driven by professional ethics and personality development. Attract and build people in a rewarding and inspiring environment by fostering freedom, em-powerment, creativity and innovation."

Benefit of strategic association between CLAP ISB & Jai Bharath of Institutions

At CLAP ISB, we not only teach management but also practice it. In 1990’s India’s most renowned management guru Dr.C K Prahlad explained the need of focusing the 'core competence' of companies. At CLAP International School of Business, we focus on our core competency- that is creating and delivering the best curriculum with industry interaction and orientation. We focus on molding the individual to the industry ready professionals and provide them employment. The strategic association with Jai Bharath Group of Institutions provides the best of the class infrastructure and ambience to groom the real professional in you!