Corporate Connect Programme

Corporate Connect Programme

  1. "Dine with the corporate heroes"

    Every semester, the CLAP Global MBA participants will get an opportunity to have a networking dinner with a selected corporate leaders. The students can learn directly from these corporate heroes in a casual corporate environment. This will help the participants to have a corporate experience and a personal connect with industry leaders. Students who prefer to join that industry vertical can request for a corporate mentoring support.

  2. Focus group study

    Students' have to conduct focus group discussions on assigned topic to understand different corporate perspective. Academic experts from the institute will moderate the programme.

  3. Seminars and guest lectures:

    CLAP Global MBA programme has a wonderful panel of corporate experts who will handle sessions on various topics enabling the students to understand the corporate perspective of the topic.

  4. Domestic Industry visits:

    CLAP Global MBA students will visit two different companies every semester apart from these intervention to understand the various real-life corporate aspects. The industry visits are conducted in a case-mode where all the designated team have to write a case on that industry connecting to the company.