LEAD Programme

LEAD Programme

Learn – Empower – Adopt – Develop is designed to enhance the social responsibility of the individual participants who pursue CLAP Global MBA Programme. There will be various social responsibility activities and awareness programme will be organized with the support of corporate.
One of the key project which LEAD performs is Village adoption programme where the CLAP Global MBA aspirants will be adopting one village and will study about the economic and social factors and develop the village in various ways. This is a unique project which can up bring the people from bottom of the pyramid and develop them economically.

The project miles stones are

  • Identify the village which need to be developed in economic aspects
  • Learn economic and social aspects of the village
  • Learn the cultural orientation and sensitise the people to development
  • Project design on development of Education – Business - Health
  • Develop micro entrepreneurs.
  • Re – habilitate if required
  • Project collaboration.
  • Implementation an handholding

This will lead to certification of participants in 'Social Responsibility'.

NGO Attachment

All participants need to work with an NGO during winter holidays which can help them to attain a proper orientation towards society and will help them to keep inclusion of the society in the job profile. We need to give back to the society!!